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Help in emergency situations

Our emergency aid for people in acute crises

Around the world, the number of crises is increasing: Epidemics, natural disasters and wars threaten the livelihood and health of many people. However, many events that are life-threatening for a large number of people worldwide do not even appear in our news.

Shortages of resources, climate change and violence are causing many people to leave their homes. More than 80 million people are on the run today. In DR Congo alone, there are now almost six million internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had to flee from their villages. Despite their large number and their daily challenges, these people are often forgotten. Among other things, we support health care for IDPs in Eastern Congo.

Epidemics and pandemics are also considered acute emergencies. The Ebola epidemics in West Africa and in DR Congo are examples of this. The Corona pandemic also caused existential health, economic or social hardship for many people. In such medical emergencies, fast, uncomplicated and appropriate emergency aid is required to keep the local health systems functioning and to limit the effects of the catastrophe.

DIFÄM supports its partner organisations in such emergency situations. At the same time, it is our concern to raise awareness of the many crises that receive very little attention from the West and to advocate for systemic improvement at a political level.