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Sustainable strengthening of health systems

Ensuring basic medical care

All over the world, people die because the nearest health facility is too far away, because there is a lack of medical professionals and essential medicines, or because there is not enough money for necessary treatment. In order to sustainably promote health, to prevent diseases and to treat the sick properly, functioning health systems that guarantee basic and comprehensive health care for everyone are essential. But in many countries these are fragile and the Corona pandemic has significantly worsened this situation.

Developing strong health systems and strengthening the health services of partner organisations is therefore a focus of Difäm's work. Together with local health networks and health facilities, we promote

  • training of medical and pharmaceutical professionals to work in regions that are neglected and difficult to reach
  • nationwide supply of effective medicines and diagnostics
  • good infrastructure, the construction and equipment of hospitals and health stations, as well as patient transport
  • standardised health documentation and health information
  • fair, anti-poverty health financing (universal health coverage) through state subsidies, health insurance or health savings accounts
  • active participation of the population in improving their health care.

In the process, we use innovative approaches and the opportunities that have arisen worldwide through digitalisation. Our special focus is always on health care in disadvantaged regions and on the health of women and children. Every year, millions of people worldwide end up in poverty because they fall sick and have to pay for their health care themselves. By strengthening health systems, we actively contribute not only to an improvement in the health situation, but also to a sustainable poverty reduction.