Building Health Structures in solitary Regions

In Kenya we work together with African Inland Church Health Ministries (AICHM), the department of African Inland Church responsible for the health programmes and one Hospital, Kijabe. AICHM´s objectives include provision of health care services, training of health workers and rehabilitative care for physically handicapped children.

The "Boresha" Project

With the African Inland Church Health Ministries we started the “Boresha” project in the arid and semi-arid lands in the north of Kenya in 2011. Prior to this, access to health services was extremely limited in the project areas. With the drought in 2011, the situation deteriorated. 

The objectives of the Boresha project in 2011 have been achieved to date: access to preventive and curative services and improvement of the quality of the services in the seven health facilities of the project. This includes availability and management of medicines in all health facilities as well as laboratory services in some places. Links have been established with the communities, outreach programmes were initiated to reach remote places. Outreach has contributed substantially to increase access to preventive services.

Staff of the health facilities as well as community representatives appreciated provision of supplies and equipment and the improvement of the infrastructure like water supply, new buildings for MCH services, and additional rooms for counselling, deliveries or treatment.

The project introduced Health Facility Management Committees, which are now functioning. The members were familiarized with their roles and responsibilities in the course of the project through training inputs and facilitation of the project team during support visits. The project actively engaged and linked up with the local health authorities. Within the recent devolution process in Kenya this is an essential component. The organizational capacity of AIC in managing the Boresha project including support to health facilities staff and HFMC members improved and created opportunities to learn from the approach for futures Projects.

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