Communities improve their health situation

Dorfbewohner präsentieren die Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung ihrer Gesundheit

In Malawi DIFAEM is focusing on the strengths and potentials, called assets, of the people in the villages. Here, in the ASSET-Project, women, men and young people are actively involved in improving their health situation.

The DIFAEM started the ASSET project to revitalizing Primary Health Care in the Ntchisi District in the catchment areas of two church health centres in 2011. This project is based on the "assets" of communities and people instead of focusing on deficits and needs in the first place.

Revitalizing Primary Health Care

The project builds on the system of Primary Health Care in Malawi which includes, e.g., Health Surveillance Assistants (community health workers) and Village Health Committees. These structures are strengthened through trainings and capacity building. In addition, the ASSET project is implemented with the active participation of the people at local level. In the project areas teams were formed that visit the neighborhoods. Through listening to the stories of women and men including young People, they assess the strengths as well as the health concerns of the communities. In a participatory process which intends to include all members of the community ("no neighborhood left out") action plans are being developed and implemented by the people in the communities using their own assets.

Improving sanitation and more

Currently, the people in the ASSET project area are in the process of improving sanitation in their communities. Moreover, they are constructing village clinics in four communities to improve the working conditions for the Health Surveillance Assistants who deliver lifesaving curative interventions for the most common childhood illnesses (Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses, CCM) in these clinics.

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