Safe Motherhood

Some years ago, DIFAEM started a project for Safe Motherhood with the Hospital in Koyom, around 300 km south of N’Djamena. The aim of the Safe Motherhood Project is to improve the health of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

Improving health of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth

Our roject partner, the Hospital in Koyom, belongs to the Church of the Assemblées Chrétiennes au Tchad (ACT). In addition to the Hospital, ACT operates 32 health centres spread over a large region in the south of Chad.
The Hospital of Koyom is responsible for the eight health centres within its district, some of them church owned, others state owned. The district serves a population of around 96.000 people.

The Safe Motherhood Project aims to fulfil the goals with the following activities:

  • Health education in the villages, sometimes supported through a theatre group
  • Women are encouraged to attend antenatal clinics and to have their delivery in a health institution where they have free services during pregnancy and delivery
  • Trainings and workshops for the staff

In Addition, a maternity waiting home was built for women awaiting the onset of labour near the hospital.

Twice per year the in charge and the midwives of the eight health centres meet to present statistics and to discuss arising problem. During one of those meetings the poor structural condition of the health centre in Ham was mentioned. Difäm is at present in the process of finding a donor for necessary renovation works. (50.000€)

Since the onset of the project improvements have been made. More women are attending antenatal clinics. The number of institutional deliveries has increased.

Thus, a seminar was held with health centre staff concerning family planning. Last year the midwives of all health centres received a refresher course and learned to use the partogramme, an instrument for the documentation of the progress of labour.

The communication with the project partner is good and it is encouraging to observe how over the years the situation for mothers in the catchment area has been improving steadily.

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