Mental health and HIV prevention in India

Difäm supports an HIV prevention and treatment programme in India at Duncan Hospital in the north-east of the country, near the border with Nepal. It also supports a project to care for people with mental illnesses, also in close cooperation with specialists from Duncan Hospital.

Expertise and training for partners in India

Providing expertise and supporting programmes in the field of HIV

In India, DIFÄM cooperates with the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) as a main partner and supports programmes in the field of HIV and the roll out of ART and care. As a partner of Bread for the World Germany, DIFÄM provides expertise in facilitation of HIV mainstreaming processes especially in India and South East Asia, as well as training development partners in internal and external mainstreaming and also in addressing gender issues within development work.

DIFAEM-Projects in India

From birth preparation to literacy training

From birth preparation to literacy training

In the remote mountain region of Darjeeling in India, transport to the health station is often too expensive and difficult for many pregnant women. Together with an organisation called HIMserve, Difäm...


Prevention and treatment of HIV in India

The only connecting road between Calcutta and  Kathmandu in Nepal goes through Raxaul in Bihar. 3000 lorries pass through Raxaul every day and many drivers take a break. Bihar is the second-poorest state of India and till 2007 had a low HIV-rate. In...


For mental health in India

„Roshni ", meaning  „new light“, is the name of a Difäm-funded project at  Duncan Hospital in the city of Raxaul, India. People in difficult life situations are to regain hope for a more dignified future, like for example women who have had to...


Difäm partners in India

Long-term partnerships for sustainable development

Duncan Hospital in Raxaul

The protestant Duncan Hospital located in Raxaul in the north-east of India has been a Difäm partner for many years. The cooperation with this municipal hospital has been ongoing since 2006. A pilot project on HIV therapy was followed by a comprehensive education and prevention project. The community-based prevention programme aims to reach people in rural areas as well. Another result of this cooperation is the monitoring and support of a mental health project at this hospital. 


HIMserve in Darjeeling

In the neighbouring, barely accessible mountain region of Darjeeling, another Difäm partner is located: The organisation HIMserve ('Serving the Himalayas') is dedicated to provide the population with comprehensive medical care. Their activities include alphabetisation courses, but also the training of midwives. This comprehensive approach is meant to help the villagers in this region to live their lives in dignity.

Impressions of India

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