Health - for a better future

All around the world many people die because the next health station is too far away, because there is no qualified medical personnel or because vital pharmaceuticals are not available. Therefore Difäm focuses – and has focused for more than 100 years - on strengthening and improving health systems in economically poor countries and regions, especially supporting the poor and disadvantaged: Because only those who are healthy can work, feed their family, raise their children properly and be active members of their community.

Our health themes

Our main topics

Project Consultation

As an organization supporting Christian health work worldwide, we advise and consult our partners in Germany and in economically poor countries in their health work and support some of their projects financially. Due to our long-standing experience and our expertise we are able to support the planning and realization of health projects and to offer monitoring – attaching great importance to a close and continuous cooperation with our local partners.

Strengthening of local health systems

Our commitment improves the health of the disadvantaged, the poor and the vulnerable and aims at the organization and strengthening of local and, in many countries, Christian health systems, especially in remote areas. An important aspect of this function is a qualified education and training of local medical personnel. Hereby we especially focus on the clinical care of patients and on the establishment of health structures, including an adequate supply of medicines, quality assurance and project management.

Basic health care services – together we are strong

The active involvement of local people and the establishment of basic health care services are particularly important in our projects.

Prevention and treatment – for a healthy life

Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, especially HIV and AIDS, as well as of non-communicable chronic or neglected diseases are main issues in our health work. Another important aspect is the promotion of mother-and-child-health – before, during and after delivery.

Access to medicines

To this day, millions of people still have no access to vital and essential drugs. DIFAEM Pharmaceutical Services support the organization and establishment of central pharmacies in the respective countries. Wherever possible, drugs are procured locally or regionally. We support regular and qualified quality control of medicines and advise local project partners and development organizations in the establishment of local supply structures.

Our focus contries

The DIFAEM is active in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Kenya, Malawi, India and Papua New Guinea. Besides, we support other smaller projects in other countries.

Health as a human right

Health is an important asset and a pre-condition for any kind of development. In 1948 and then again in 1967 in the WSK Pact, health was defined as a human right. “Every human being has a right to health” – this is also true for people with handicaps and chronic diseases. All people are created in the image of God and endowed with their own special dignity. Apart from that, we as Christians are called to care especially for those who have no access to health, who often are forgotten because they are poor, living in remote areas or excluded owing to some disease or other causes.

This is a motivation for us to advocate especially for these people and to commit ourselves to provide access for all people to qualified and appropriate health care.

Photographs from the DIFAEM Health Projects

International Health Services


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