Theological studies

Strengthening the healing mission of the churches

DIFAEM’s health work is based on the understanding that healing is an essential part of the mission of the churches. Therefore, we encourage the churches to recognize their specific contribution and task in the field of health and to implement their healing ministry in various contexts today. Our worldwide engagement aims at promoting and strengthening the health work of Christian churches, communities, organizations and individuals.

The main topics of the theological reflections are questions concerning the Christian understanding of health and healing and how communities can respond to today’s health challenges by practicing their healing ministry. These and other issues are dealt with in publications, presentations and through networking and cooperation with partners worldwide.

Based on theological reflections, DIFAEM develops new concepts of Christian health work that appreciate and include the strengths of people in local settings and link communities to the formal health system.

In the area of health and healing DIFAEM has a longstanding tradition of cooperating with the health and mission programmes of the World Council of Churches.

Publications and Documents

Documents from the Medical Mission and the Ecumenical discussion on health and healing


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