Transfer of relevant knowledge

Training and capacity building for health service providers

Health professionals of all ages and with various backgrounds who plan to work for some time in resource-limited settings will face a completely different socio-cultural context. They need to be well prepared for the challenges ahead.  

Malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and tropical diseases which they may have never seen in a European setting will be a daily challenge. Limited drug supplies, electricity cuts or limited staff numbers will pose additional challenges for the provision of quality health services.

DIFAEM has developed curricula that do not only address newest scientific knowledge for the treatment of malaria or other tropical diseases but also address the specific challenges in dealing with poverty-related issues in a cross-cultural setting. Participatory approaches to teaching and learning are applied as well as individual processes of training and preparation are offered.

A four-week course in tropical medicine and public health provides an overview of all major issues arising when providing health care in resource limited settings. Short courses address specific issues such as maternal and child health, infectious diseases, HIV and AIDS or effective project management a/o. The target group are medical doctors, nurses or other health professionals who are seeking an appropriate training that will prepare them for effective work in a cross-cultural setting.

The DIFAEM library offers a wide range of international publications on health care.

Your Contact Person

Gabi Hettler, Team Leader for Training

Nurse-Trainer with experience in Africa in Primary Health care and midwifery

Mohlstraße 26, 72074 Tuebingen, Germany
Tel.: 07071 704 90 14
Fax: 07071 704 90 39

Key Activities

  • Consultant in French-speaking Africa
  • Primary Health Care
  • Reproductive Health
  • Teaching