Consultancy and Monitoring

Team Health Services

Health Services Department

In economically poor countries and in neglected areas, we supportand consult health projects and advocate for comprehensive and high-quality health care services. Due to our long-standing experience and our expertise in the fields of clinical care, laboratory services, pharmaceuticalwork and project management,we are able to support the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health projects.  We attach great importance to a close and continuous cooperation with our local partners. Continuous communication and regular visits facilitate mutual learning and growth

Member Care

Weadvise and counsel medical personnel before, during and after their assignments overseas. Theservice of member care is steadily gaining importance for experts working abroad.

Workshops on topics relevant to health

Together with our local partners we conduct studies on topics relevant to health. We offer workshops and further education. Our expertise as well as our experience in conducting topical workshops and conceptualizing and evaluating studies ranks among our comprehensive range of consulting Services

Your contact person

Uta Kohler-Babanin, Project Coordinator

Mohlstraße 26
72074 Tübingen
Tel.: +49/7071 704 90 32
Fax: +49/7071 704 90 39

Sabine Reichmann, BSc., Project Controlling

Mohlstraße 26, D-72074 Tübingen
P.O.Box 1307, 72003 Tuebingen, Germany

Tel.: +49/7071 704 90 25
Fax: +49/7071 704 90 37

Key Activities

  • Management Project controlling
  • Consultant Pharmaceutical Projects
  • Monitorin and evaluation

Dr Gisela Schneider, Director of DIFAEM

Master of Public Health, Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Diploma in Reproductive Health

Mohlstraße 26, 72074 Tübingen, Germany
Tel.: +49/7071 704 90 12
Fax: +49/7071 704 90 39

Key Activities

  • Public Health Physician with long-standing experience in Uganda and Gambia
  • Training and lecturing on HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tropical Medicine
  • Development and implementation of holistic HIV programmes
  • Health Systems Approaches and Primary Health Care