Publications about DIFÄM

2021 | DIFÄM "Our Work - our Projects"

"Brochure about the DIFÄM "

The brochure presents DIFÄM's global health work.

article number: Difäm-Brochure-Engl


2017 | Annual Report 2016

"Annual Report 2016 "

article number: report2016


Publications to Health topics

2010 | HIV & AIDS, Gender and Domestic Violence

"Implications for policy and practice"

Authors: Dr. Elisabeth Schüle (Difäm), Astrid Berner-Rodoreda

article number: HIV/Gender

32 pages

language: Englisch


2010 | Protection against HIV

"Information for overseas workers and sending agencies."

article number: Protection against HIV

19 pages

language: Englisch


2020 | Covid-19 Home Based Care

" How to do it best for the patient and the family"

article number: Covid-HBC-engl


Publications about Health and Healing

2015 | Christian Responses to Health and Development - Documentation

"Symposium at the German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM), in Tuebingen, June 2014"


The Healing Ministry of the Churches Today

The Legacy of “Tübingen I”

The Declarations of Tübingen in the 21st Century: History or Guiding Principles?

The Christian Contribution to Health Today – A Medical Perspective

Being Accountable for the Life of Religious Health Assets

Christian Responses to Health and Development: A Discussion Paper on Significance, Practice and Future of Christian Health Services

A Call to Health and Healing – Declaration

article number: Declaration


2010 | Witnessing to Christ today

"Witnessing to Christ today. Promoting health and wholeness for all."

A contribution towards the Christian healing ministry compiled by a study group on mission and healing from the World Council of Churches (WCC), Geneva, Switzerland, and the German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM), Tübingen, Germany.

article number: Witnessing to Christ

166 pages

language: Englisch


2008 | Health, Healing and Spirituality

"Position paper"

Health, Healing and Spirituality. The Future of the Church's Ministry of Healing.

A German position paper offering ecumenical, diaconal and missiological perspectives on a holistic understanding of Christian witness for healing in western societies.

Authors: Peter Bartmann, Beate Jakob, Ulrich Laepple, Dietrich Werner

The German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM), Tübingen

article number: Health, Healing and Spirituality

93 pages

language: Englisch


2004 | Healing, Reconciliation and Power.

"A Tool for Use in Congregations."

Afro-Asian Mission Consultation on the Ecumenical Response to the challenge of Healing Ministries in Afro-Asia.

November 13-20, 2004, Bangalore, India

Hrsg.: Christian Medical Association of India, New Delhi, 5-32

article number: 2004

29 pages


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